Swing Tracking Using Machine Learning

Pure Swing uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify key swing metrics in your backswing, downswing, impact and follow through, providing you with real-time feedback on your swing.

Swing Detect Recording

Swing Detect Recording allows you to record a range session and view your swings without the "everything in between".

If you're left or right handed, your swings are detected using our ML algorithms, removing the bits you don't need and capturing only the swings you care about.

Easily save each swing to you device.


Sway during a golf swing can negatively affect the overall quality of the swing and result in less consistent shots. Swaying can also cause the golfer to lose power and distance on their shots.

Pure Swing can improve sway by calculating the sway distance during a golfer's swing. By measuring this distance, the app can estimate how much sway is occurring and where it is happening in the swing.

Swing Path

The optimal club swing path is one that is on plane and slightly inside-out, this is often referred as "the ideal swing path" or "the perfect swing path".

Pure Swing provides visual aids which can help golfers to identify and correct any faults that may be causing deviations from the ideal swing path.


Hip and shoulder rotation plays a crucial role in the golf swing, as it helps generate power and control the direction of the shot. A lack of hip and shoulder rotation can result in a lack of power and accuracy in the golf swing.

Pure Swing tracks your body pose during the swing, including the position and movement of your hips and shoulders. This can provide an estimation of your hip and shoulder rotation, including any issues such as lack of rotation or over-rotation.